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Detailing Excellence

Ultra Soft Detailing Brushes

Ultra Soft Detailing Brushes

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These brushes are perfect for cleaning all of the different surfaces on your vehicle. 

A soft but durable brush for cleaning out the vents, between the windshield and dash, where towels and hands can not reach. 

As cars have evolved we also see more sensitive areas like piano black trim pieces and touchscreen infotainment systems. 

That is where these ultra-soft brushes come into play because they will not scratch or mar any surfaces on your car.

You are going to enjoy working with this set of 2 brushes. 

  • Great For Cleaning Sensitive Areas On Your Car
  • Soft Bristles Allow For a More Gentle Deep Clean
  • Handle Ergonomically Designed
  • Pairs Perfectly With Swift Or Xpress Interior Cleaner
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